In a way is almost kind of rehabilitating to give it one with nature and at the Wolf pen gap cabins here in Clear Sky Ridge you have the perfect opportunity to do that. There are miles and miles of different trails that really give you a sense of relaxation that words cannot describe as you are walking down them. Our hilltop cabins make you feel like you are on top of the world with the porch that wraps around for 360° view of our national Park. During the day there so many things to explore, so many places to be, so many things to do, with not enough time in the day which is also okay because as soon as the sun goes down, the sky lights up with millions of stars that really have a way of putting you at peace.

Wolf pen gap cabins give you access to these amazing ATV and dirt bike trails with plenty of loops turns curves and jumps amazing hills to climb up, which is a blast and experience in itself. Even if dirt biking is not your thing, there are rides available that are still relaxing and enjoyable. This national park is extremely big, 1.7 million acres to be exact, and the possibilities for enjoyment are endless. Everything from golf courses, to acres of different lakes were relaxation hits maximum status with no need to sit poolside. Not only does is give you the chance to swim and sit by the water, but there also some amazing spots to enjoy a nice quiet day of fishing.

Remember these arent just any cabins these are Wolf pen gap cabins in Clear Sky Ridge. Our hilltop cabins are amazing, but for those who are looking for them more secluded and serene scenery, you should try out our hideaway. These cabins are surrounded by captivating scenery and beautiful trees and are nice for every occasion from honeymoons to weekend getaways with friends because this cabin also sleeps up to eight people comfortably and has an extended patio which brings the different level of luxury when it comes to sleeping in the woods.

There is no other place quite like Clear Sky Ridge anywhere in the world. Miles and miles of beautiful rivers the whole crystal clear waters, is a next level experience when enjoying yourself activities such as kayaking and canoeing. The trails that you experience are breathtaking whenever you’re hiking, and it is jaw-dropping and unimaginable how amazing and different something as simple as switching from hiking to kayaking can be. It’s really another way to bring out the beauty really help you appreciate how our national forests is something that you just can’t find anywhere else and we take pride knowing that.

For more information I highly recommend that you check out our website at and check out some of our reviews before giving us a call at 479-274-0759 to book your home away from home and figure out why exactly this is the only place you will find anything like this in the world.

Wolf Pen Gap Cabins | Unique As Our Middle Name

Wolf pen gap cabins have ATV and dirt biking trails that are special and original to our national forest. We guarantee that this is the only place in the world that you will find anything quite like this. Here at Clear Sky Ridge, everything from her natural rivers and lakes to the ever-changing environment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will only find here. We take pride in the fact that were the only ones who can give you the experience. With miles and miles of trails, it really gives a different meaning to what it feels like to hike as these trails always seem to change whether is that tree that has just fallen down, leaves her change with the seasons, where animals that inhabit the area that create homes to make the force just that much more mesmerizing to look at.

This is a forest that you will only find in Arkansas, and that alone is enough reason for you to come and check us out. Our cabins are out of this world and we really taking the time energy, and tender loving care into making these amazing cabins your special home away from home. With the porch that wraps around unlike any other, you get a full 360 view thought amazingly beautiful this forest is and it doesn’t matter from the same cabin because different seasons give you their very own unique experiences which makes you feel alive. Drinks by the lake with friends in the summertime to hot cocoa and warm campfires watching the snow in the wintertime we can guarantee these are two separate worlds all the same area.

In the fall Wolf pen gap cabins are extraordinarily beautiful with the vibrant and brilliant colors in the fall leaves falling to the ground. These moments are captivating and will make you fall in love with the idea of this being your home away from home that you are able to visit every year. With our three-bedroom two-story large with 18 foot vaulted ceiling, we guarantee you’ll find nothing else like it. These fantastic cabins are able to fit up to 10 people comfortably with the view on top of a secluded 24 acre mountain. As if that wasn’t good enough for you also have amazing and spectacular hideaway cabins there really give warmth and comfort in a whole new meaning to what it means to live luxury in the woods.

We take pride in the fact that Clear Sky Ridge really does give a unique experience to each and every person who comes stays with us. This is the only place in the world are you will be able to have such an amazing and spectacular experience full of comfort joy laughter and good time because this will become your new home away from home.

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